...or - why?

Hello, and Welcome to ‘thatiPhoneblog’. My name is Jamie, and I’ve come up with an idea which I think may interest a few of you. It’s the quest most of us partake in, what we do to get our next iPhone.

I, like you, am a keen Apple evangalist, and have been hooked in the world Apple ever since I bought my first ever Apple product, a 6GB Blue iPod mini which I saved up from my paper round earnings in the summer of 2005.
Ever since then, there has been many ‘firsts’ for me in the Apple world. The first iPod I bought online in 2005. The first time I entered an Apple Store whilst at University 2008 I was sold a white plastic Unibody MacBook by an Apple Specialist called Jesus, (true story). The first iPhone I ever bought being the iPhone 3G released on the 11th July 2008 (my birthday). The first time I experienced the magic of the iPad, the “large iPod touch” that was introduced to the world in 2010, and many many more devices I could tell you how I purchased them all. But why can I remember and tell you all of this?
It’s the magic of the Cupertino company, from announcing a product on stage, and releasing in person in an Apple Store. It’s almost like theatre. It’s what you see online, in the tabloids, on bus stops, and then you see it for real in an Apple Store.

I’ve just purchased my Silver iPhone 5s from an Apple retail store, and getting ahold of the next generation iPhone is something I’m already starting to put my mind to.

I’m aiming to get the next generation iPhone for free.

2008 introduced an entire ecosystem of apps, and it’s those apps that I’m going to use in my free time to earn money to buy the next generation iPhone. I’ll keep you all updated along my way, I strongly encourage you to take on board my tips and experiences of these apps, and of course – let me know of any apps you use, so in turn, I can pass those tips back over to you guys.

Let’s all buy a free iPhone.

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